Building the World's FIRST Tesla Swapped Liberty Walk Nissan 350Z! Part 4


It's time for another Tesla Z video! As many of you know, Will has been making some serious progress on our Tesla motor swapped Nissan 350z.

In today's episode of throtl, Will makes some serious modifications to the battery boxes on the Tesla Z. Although both the front and rear battery boxes have already been installed, there are some final modifications that need to be made to complete the install.

Will takes out both battery boxes to pin some connectors and get them mounted to the battery boxes. This required Will to make custom mounts on the battery box to mount the thermoster and cell tap connectors. Pinning the connectors was a tedious process but Will demonstrates how he got it done efficiently and properly by using the proper tools. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

After pinning the connectors, Will paints the battery boxes and proceeds to install the coolant manifolds into the front box. This will deliver Peak coolant to help lower the temperatures of the batteries. The battery boxes are almost ready for the final installation. Stay tuned for the next Tesla Z episode of throtl where we will load the batteries into the boxes and install them into the 350z.

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