REVEALING HIS DREAM CAR, and then giving it to him!


In today’s episode of Throtl, we are revealing the Mustang GT sweepstakes car to the winner!

You know, every $1 a customer spends on, they get one automatic entry to win our sweepstakes car. We gave away several cars in the past and we continue to do so.

Do you know what the current sweepstakes car is at throtl? Well, we will tell you about it at the end of the blog. In the meantime, we are sure you’d love reading about Louis' dream car reveal.

First, let's discuss what we did to the 2020 Mustang GT and the reaction of its lucky winner Louis from El Paso, Texas when he received his ideal car.

Before we start today’s episode, we want to thank Meguiar’s, this video's sponsor.

Detailing the Mustang

To make the Mustang more presentable, we first washed it and used the car wash liquid and compound from Meguiar’s. After, we used a surface prep spray and a hybrid paint coating. The outcome is stunning, and the best part is that Meguiar’s paint and wax cover is affordable! (Just $60 against $1,000 ceramic coating). Not bad for a year's worth of protection.

Surprising the couple

As Louis was coming along with his wife Edie from Texas to collect the car, we decided to surprise the couple differently by pulling the car out of the shop. Here came a fantastic plan from Louis – he wanted to drive the Mustang back to Texas. Pretty taxing, you might think, but indeed not for Louis in his upgraded Mustang.

So, we pulled the car out in style,

 and "Louis was so stoked to see the Mustang, he was left speechless!" See the look on his face in the video, and you would know how excited he was.

We gave Louis a complete walk-around of the Mustang and briefed him on the modifications we made to it.

Upgrades we made

We made a lot of performance enhancements to the Mustang, we actually rebuilt the whole suspension, allowing the owner to adjust it according to his will, even delivering racecar-like handling.

Regarding the exterior package, we added lots of carbon parts from Anderson Composites, and painted it. For the front end, we installed some Brembo brakes, ford racing APR canals, Rays wheels and Falken Tires. At the back, we fixed an RTR diffuser, MagnaFlow x-mod exhaust, and we whited all the rear lights to give it a modern look. Performing the entertainment duty is an OEM audio plus system with a subwoofer. In the engine bay, we added a Mishimoto expansion tank, Mishimoto radiator, Mishimoto strut bar, and Mishimoto silicone hoses.

We built this Mustang GT, so the owner can get in and drive it every day and enjoy it. It is equally capable if you want to hit the track or take it to a drag strip.  

Test driving the upgraded 2020 Mustang GT

After getting a full tour of the Mustang, Louis took his new car for a test drive. He was so pumped! We found Louis praising the driving dynamics of the Mustang all the way. He and his wife found it smoother to drive than his Nissan Z. Louis loved it and would like to retain it forever, and that’s precisely what we had in mind while building it. A Mustang that can last for a lifetime. Louis signed the paperwork, and the car left our shop for good. However, we told Louis that Mickey might pay him a surprise visit.

It is bittersweet, but it has to be done!

Our next Sweepstakes car

We are now giving away a 2020 Toyota Supra, and it is going to have the street hunter wide body kit! It is at SOS Customz right now and coming back to us for some fantastic upgrades.

Remember, every dollar you spend on; whether you buy car parts or merchandise, gives you 1 automatic entry to win. If you are a throtl VIP member, you can get 5x entries on every purchase!

We immensely congratulate Louis and see you guys in the next episode! 

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