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Find the right wheels for your ride!

Find the right wheels for your ride!

With thousands of wheel options in our catalog, let the team at throtl help you find the right wheels that fit both your budget and your car.


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Performance Air Filters for Cars and Trucks

Air filters for your car or truck need to be changed every 12,000 to 15,000. Without a clear air filter, you'll see a dip in your performance, and these filters are also a convenient way to keep the air coming into your cabin clean and fresh. For even greater performance and protection, you can invest in some high performance air filters from throtl.

What kind of difference do you see in performance air filters vs regular filters? With a performance upgrade, you'll see more airflow than stock filters and cleaner air. When shopping for performance filters, you'll find products like our reusable air filters, which are a great, long-lasting investment that can be re-installed after a quick cleaning.

If you want to improve your vehicle's performance on a OEM air intake system, we recommend an AEM air filter or K&N cabin air filter for your favorite car or truck. You'll also find brands like Injen, Spectre, Air Raid, aFe, and many more in our online store. These filters are an easy investment that will improve the lifespan and quality of your performance vehicle. Shop now!


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