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Brake Systems, Pads, and Rotors for Cars and Trucks

If your car or truck is built for superior performance, make sure your brake system can keep up with it. Performance parts put a greater demand on your brakes. By upgrading from stock to performance car brake parts, you'll get a brake system with unparalleled durability, guaranteed to resist fading and deterioration much better than stock brake parts. Whether you're looking for upgrades to your brakes, pads, or rotors, throtl has the part for you.

With trotl's commitment to quality, you'll be satisfied with any truck or car brake parts you choose from our online catalog. If you want better heat disperion and greater brake responsiveness, you'll be satisfied with any one of our performance brake rotors. But we don't just carry replacement brake rotos. If you want ultra-resistant brake pads that will stand up to friction, we carry those too. Because we understand the needs of performance enthusiasts, we carry all of their favorite brands, including Wilwood, EBC, Stoptech, Alcon, and DBA. When you shop at throtl, you're always walking away with a quality product.