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Collection: Mishimoto

Performance Automotive Parts for your Car, Truck, and SUV from Mishimoto 

Aluminum Radiators, Intercoolers, Oil Coolers, Cold Air Intakes, and More 

Mishimoto is a name that is synonymous, in the auto industry, with upgrades and performance. The team at Mishimoto engineer and manufacture everything you need to upgrade the performance of your vehicle. From performance intercoolers and radiators, to cooling fans and racing thermostats, performance cold air intakes and oil coolers, Mishimoto has it. If there is something you want to upgrade on your engine, there’s a good chance we have it stamped by Mishimoto. Not only is throtl a proud distributor of Mishimoto’s aesthetically pleasing performance engine parts, but we also use them in many of our builds and vehicle giveaways. We only sell what we trust.