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Find the right wheels for your ride!

Find the right wheels for your ride!

With thousands of wheel options in our catalog, let the team at throtl help you find the right wheels that fit both your budget and your car.


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Let us help find the wheel setup right for your vehicle!

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Rims for Cars, Jeeps, Trucks, and More.

Upgrading your wheels is a great way to improve the style and performance of your vehicle. We always recommend upgrading your wheels along with your suspension modifications to bring out the best in your vehicle. This is true whether you upgrade your Jeep suspension for off-road or Nissan GTR for performance and handling, your car or truck wheels are the next logical upgrade for peak performance.

For Racing, Off-Road, and Cruising in Style.

With brands like brands like Rotiform Wheels, American Force, KMC, Asanti, Fuel, Foose, TSW, Motegi, Petrol Wheels, and many more! Whether you are looking to fit some bigger tires for performance, or change up your wheels for fitment and style, we have everything you could need to take on the toughest off-road trails, the curviest streets, and even that red carpet event. Your wheels are where style, performance, and

Fitment: Wheel fitment can be very confusing, but we are here to help! There's offset, backspacing, width, and so much more. First thing to look at is our wheel fitment guide. Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat!

If you are seeing wheels for your vehicle, check the fitment notes! Some wheels are meant for the front, some for the rear, some need spacers, etc. Not seeing any products listed for your vehicle? Don't worry, we may not have added fitments for your car yet. Use the tools we provide to get your fitments and search for the size you need. Wheels are universal, so remove your Selected Vehicle to browse all or try a search for your bolt pattern.