Alcon 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35 380x33mm Rear Right Rotor Assembly - DIA2202X1014C24R.

Alcon 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35 380x33mm Rear Right Rotor Assembly - DIA2202X1014C24R

Brakes, Rotors & Pads
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Product Description

Alcon 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35 380x33mm Rear Right Rotor Assembly

Brake rotors and pads are essential parts to making sure your vehicle is stopping promptly. By upgrading your brake pads and rotors, your vehicle will be able to handle more aggressive braking for longer periods of time.

Slotted brake rotors are designed to enhance the performance of your brakes. The slots in the rotors are designed to keep your brake pads clean of any unwanted debris.

WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm. For more information, go to

Brake Location: REAR

About Alcon

Alcon is a designer and manufacturer of ultra-high quality, low volume brake, clutch and other automotive components. We operate in all areas of the industry around the world where the customer wants and expects the best, both from the product and the support that goes with it. Our clients and their requirements are as wide ranging as the products we supply. From tiny brake-by-wire controllers for Formula E racing cars to calipers required to stop 35 tonnes of armoured vehicle, the only factor common to everything we do is our no-compromise approach to engineering excellence. Whether you are an OEM looking for a few thousand components to use on a high performance road car, or a tiny race team needing just a handful of unique parts, Alcon is the answer. We pride ourselves in the rapid response enabled by our QRM-based philosophy and decades of experience in motorsport. The time from first contact with a client to the delivery of a bespoke component, designed, engineered, assembled, checked and tested in house by us can be as little as a month. And that’s not the only reason Alcon is no ordinary supplier. When customers come to us, they find not just a team of exceptionally talented and dedicated engineers, but a happy band of like-minded enthusiasts. Ever since we were founded in 1983 by engineer and sports car racer John Moore our work has been our passion. We understand what motivates people to want to win in all competitive environments, and having supplied components for teams that have won championships in every major field of motorsport, we know what winning requires and how to deliver it too.


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