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AVS 04-15 Nissan Armada Hoodflector Low Profile Hood Shield - Smoke

Keep your hood looking showroom newThe AVS Hoodflector is designed to protect and complement the contours of your vehicle?s hood ? keeping it looking showroom new. This custom-molded hood shield is made in the USA and precision-engineered to fit your truck or SUV perfectly. This hood shield?s lower profile is aerodynamically efficient and provides excellent protection as stones and other debris ricochet away from your hood, fender and windshield. The shield?s durable impact-modified acrylic material makes this accessory wear-and-tear resistant.& Car-wash-safe, easy to clean and wax your hoodYour vehicle?s Hoodflector can remain on the hood and is car-wash-safe. The accessory can also be easily removed from the hood for simple cleaning. The set includes installation instructions and any required hardware.& Easy to install, no drilling or special hardware requiredThe Hoodflector offers you a simple, no-drill installation process easily completed at home in 10 minutes or less. The hood shield is mounted using 3M automotive-grade adhesive or mechanical fasteners (depending upon the vehicle). In order to protect the hood paint from rubbing, the set includes several clear rubber bumpers applied to the hood during the installation.& Backed by Limited Lifetime WarrantyA Limited Lifetime Warranty protects your AVS Hoodflector. Buy yours today and you?ll be ready for whatever the road throws your way.&

Hoodflector? Hood Protector

This part fits:2005-2015 Nissan Armada; 2004-2015 Nissan Titan

AVS 04-15 Nissan Armada Hoodflector Low Profile Hood Shield - Smoke. AVS - HOODFLECTOR. AVS-HOODFLECTOR. Hood Deflector. HOOD SHIELDS. HOODFLECTOR

Bug and wind deflectors are a nice way to keep your hood clean, block out wind noise, and change the exterior style of your car. Take a look at our list of wind/bug deflectors from brands like AVS, Stampede, WeatherTech, and more.

Hood deflectors are plastic moldings that go on the end of your hood to protect your paint from bugs and rock chips.

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When Asa Phillips started Auto Ventshade® (AVS) in 1935, there was no way he could envision that, over 80 years later, AVS would be an industry force with an international presence. His company was built around the Ventshade®, a metal device that mounted above car windows letting fresh air in while keeping rain and bad weather out. This gave rise to the invention of Ventvisor® and the side window deflector category. As the popularity of the Ventshade® grew, Mr. Phillips’ son, Asa Phillips Jr., introduced the Ventvisor® side window deflector in plastic. In 1998, Lund International acquired AVS, taking it to new levels of success and innovation. Today, AVS has become synonymous with Ventvisor® side window deflectors, hood protectors, and multiple industry-leading products that help you enjoy and protect your vehicles. AVS specializes in quality products utilizing TS standards with on-site design and tooling resources. Known for providing style, protection, and comfort, Auto Ventshade manufactures other high-quality automotive accessories including Bugflector II® and Aeroskin® hood protectors, light covers, moonroof deflectors, and more.

  • 2012 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2012 Nissan Armada SL
  • 2012 Nissan Armada SV
  • 2013 Nissan Armada SL
  • 2013 Nissan Armada SV
  • 2014 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2014 Nissan Armada SV
  • 2015 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2015 Nissan Armada SL
  • 2015 Nissan Armada SV
  • 2010 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2010 Nissan Armada Titanium
  • 2006 Nissan Armada LE
  • 2006 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2006 Nissan Armada SE Off-Road ( door , HP Cylinder L, speed )
  • 2007 Nissan Armada LE
  • 2007 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2008 Nissan Armada LE
  • 2008 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2011 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2011 Nissan Armada SL
  • 2011 Nissan Armada SV
  • 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada LE
  • 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Armada SE
  • 2005 Nissan Armada SE Off-Road ( door , HP Cylinder L, speed )
  • 2009 Nissan Armada LE
  • 2009 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2012 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2012 Nissan Titan S
  • 2012 Nissan Titan SL
  • 2012 Nissan Titan SV
  • 2013 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2013 Nissan Titan S
  • 2013 Nissan Titan SL
  • 2013 Nissan Titan SV
  • 2014 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2014 Nissan Titan S
  • 2015 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2015 Nissan Titan S
  • 2010 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2010 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2010 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2005 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2005 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2005 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2006 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2006 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2006 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2007 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2007 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2007 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2008 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2008 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2008 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2009 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2009 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2009 Nissan Titan SE
  • 2009 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2004 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2011 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2011 Nissan Titan S
  • 2011 Nissan Titan SL
  • 2011 Nissan Titan SV
  • 2013 Nissan Armada Platinum
  • 2014 Nissan Armada SL
  • 2014 Nissan Titan SL
  • 2014 Nissan Titan SV
  • 2015 Nissan Titan SL
  • 2015 Nissan Titan SV
  • 2010 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2005 Nissan Armada LE
  • 2005 Nissan Armada SE
  • 2010 Nissan Titan XE
  • 2008 Nissan Titan PRO-4X
  • 2004 Nissan Pathfinder LE
  • 2004 Nissan Pathfinder SE
  • 2004 Nissan Titan LE
  • 2004 Nissan Titan SE

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