Koni Special Active Shock 99-05 BMW 3 Series E46 RWD - 8745 1022L.

Koni Special Active Shock 99-05 BMW 3 Series E46 RWD - 8745 1022L

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8745 1022L
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Product Description

KONI Special ACTIVE (RED) 8745 Series, twin-tube low pressure gas strut

Koni Special Active Shock 99-05 BMW 3 Series E46 RWD Left Front

Suspension components are key to making sure you car is riding smoothly on or off the road. With upgraded suspension components, you can unlock the full potential of your vehicles performance.

It is recommended that your replace the shocks and struts of your vehicle every 50,000 to 100,000 miles. Replacing your shocks and struts will help reduce your braking distance and improve the overall ride quality of your vehicle. If your are doing some aggressive driving, it is recommended that your upgrade your shocks and struts to a stiffer setup to help enhance the performance of your vehicle.

About KONI

Now best known by driving enthusiasts for high performance and racing shock absorbers, KONI has produced equipment for the transportation industry since 1857. Over the years, their vast experience has earned them a worldwide reputation for being able to optimize their products for any specific application. And by focusing on high quality shock absorbers, KONI's no-compromise philosophy results in superb product performance and enhanced car control.

Vehicle Fitments

  • 1999 BMW 323i Base
  • 1999 BMW 323is Base
  • 1999 BMW 328i Base
  • 1999 BMW 328is Base
  • 2000 BMW 323Ci Base
  • 2000 BMW 323i Base
  • 2000 BMW 328Ci Base
  • 2000 BMW 328i Base
  • 2001 BMW 325Ci Base
  • 2001 BMW 325i Base
  • 2001 BMW 330Ci Base
  • 2001 BMW 330i Base
  • 2002 BMW 325Ci Base
  • 2002 BMW 325i Base
  • 2002 BMW 330Ci Base
  • 2002 BMW 330i Base
  • 2003 BMW 325Ci Base
  • 2003 BMW 325i Base
  • 2003 BMW 330Ci Base
  • 2003 BMW 330i Base
  • 2004 BMW 325Ci Base
  • 2004 BMW 325i Base
  • 2004 BMW 330Ci Base
  • 2004 BMW 330i Base
  • 2005 BMW 325Ci Base
  • 2005 BMW 325i Base
  • 2005 BMW 330Ci Base
  • 2005 BMW 330i Base

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