Project Kics 12X1.25 Bronze Leggdura Racing Lug Nuts - 16 - WKIC36B.

Project Kics 12X1.25 Bronze Leggdura Racing Lug Nuts - 16 - WKIC36B

Project Kics
Wheel and Tire Accessories
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Product Description

Project Kics 12X1.25 Bronze Leggdura Racing Lug Nuts - 16 PCS

Wheel and tire accessories include wheel lugs, lug nuts, wheel spacers, wheel caps, and more! All from brands like Weld, Vorsteiner, Eibach, Wilwood, Wheel Mate, H&R, Sparco, Advan, Method, Rays, Skunk2, and more!

Lug nuts are used to keep your wheels attached to your vehicle. We recommend investing in a quality set of lug nuts for maximum safety precautions

About Project Kics

Project Kics is a member of the larger KYO-EI industrial corporation, which is one of the most trusted names in Japan when it comes to automotive accessories. For more than 50 years, KYO-EI has developed a number of unique parts that are heavily used in both street and racing applications and cover virtually every vehicle on the market. Designed and manufactured in Japan, KYO-EI uses only the highest quality materials in order to guarantee product reliability and longevity. Project Kics specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality metal-based products. It mainly focuses on wheel accessories like its famous wheel spacers, lug nuts, and magnetic locking wheel nuts. The company boasts a range of memberships and certifications, including ISO, NAPAC, and JAB, so you can rest assured that all Kics products are fabricated to only the highest standards.


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