Raceseng Rondure Shift Knob (Gate 1 Engraving) Mini R55-R60 / - 08321RG-08011-081204,throtl-dev.

Raceseng Rondure Shift Knob (Gate 1 Engraving) Mini R55-R60 / - 08321RG-08011-081204

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Product Description

Raceseng Rondure Shift Knob (Gate 1 Engraving) Mini R55-R60 / F54-F57 Adapter - Red Gloss

Upgrading your shift knob is the best cost effective way to change your driving experience. Your shift knob is one of the most touched parts of your car other than your steering wheel. Shift knob feel is critical for that precise shift.

About Raceseng

IN 2005 A SEED WAS PLANTED. The birth of Raceseng dates back to 2005 when a father and son were inspired to merge their combined design, engineering and manufacturing skills with their passion for racing. With a legacy of racing history dating back to 1957, the driving goal was to create a company that embodied their passion and knowledge to completely design, develop and manufacture a line of high performance automotive products. Ever since then, we have set out on a journey being well aware that it's going to take many years of hard work to build out our vision!

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