Another successful sale...

Saying goodbye to one of our own.

We don't always write about the car and part sales that occur in our marketplace, but this one is special. 

I sold my pride and joy, a 2009 Motego Blue BMW 135i, just a few weeks ago on I sold it, not because I needed to, but because I wanted to focus my efforts on the #throtl36 build, and I simply didn't have the space to keep both cars.  I spent years customizing this car, building it out to my exact specs in what I wanted for a powerful street car, with daily driver potential.

Selling it was a testament to what we are building...

If I sold this car on another platform, I would have dealt with the typical hoopla of lowballers, nigerian scammers, insanely high listing fees, and spent way too much extra cash getting the car out in front of the WRONG audience. 

I know for sure that this car went to another auto enthusiast, simply because it was sold on

This car was EXACTLY what the new buyer was looking for, and thats exactly what you can expect when you use a marketplace built for auto enthusiasts.  

I know for sure that the next owner will enjoy this amazing car as much as I did.  


Co-Founder and COO of

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