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Oil and Oil Filters | 4 Cycle Engine Oil, Oil Filters, and More

Getting your oil changed at regular intervals is common knowledge for any driver. But if you want peak performance, regular maintenance isn't enough. You also need to invest in high quality synthetic motor oil and oil filters. To improve your engine performance, throtl carries high-quality 4 cycle engine oil and performance-level oil filters. By upgrading to high-quality oil for your car or truck, you'll get greater reduced friction between your engine parts, extra corrosion defense, and cleaner engine parts. All of this translates to smoother engine performance and longer-lasting engine parts.

If you're curious about the benefits of synthetic oil, you can find synthetic oil from Motul, Peak, Red Line and more. You can also pick up a K and N oil filter, or aFe diesel fuel booster. This is just a small slice of the products available in our online store. To find more easy upgrades to your engine's performance, shop now.