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Find the right wheels for your ride!

Find the right wheels for your ride!

With thousands of wheel options in our catalog, let the team at throtl help you find the right wheels that fit both your budget and your car.


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1993-2002 Supra Performance Parts

Collection: 1993-2002 Supra Performance Parts

The Supra is a Legend and throtl Carries Their Performance Parts

Among JDM tuning cars, the Toyota Supra is a legend! Part of the Supra's claim to fame is its signature 2JZ engine, which offers drivers fantastic performance with tons of torque and horsepower. Because of the Supra's popularity, there's no shortage of Toyota Supra performance parts. Upgrades like fuel injectors and performance programmers let you take your already-stellar 2JZ engine's performance to a completely different level.

Although lots of attention is given to the engine, you can find 93-02 Toyota Supra parts that enhance any facet of your performance. If your engine is built for performance, make sure the other parts of your Supra can keep up with the extra power. At throtl, you can shop for other Supra mods, including Toyota Supra wheels, brakes, and air intake system parts. Even common parts like windshield wipers or replacement bolts have performance-worthy enhancements. These small changes can go a long way in improving the quality of your driving experience.

No matter how great your Supra already is, we have the equipment you need to take that performance even further. When it comes to getting the most out of your ride, let throtl take you to the absolute limit.

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