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Mazda Miata Performance and Repair Auto Parts

The legacy of the Mazda Miata lives on! Even in its third generation, the 2005-2015 Madza Miata is sill the perfect car for projects of any budget. This performance vehicle is beloved by enthusiasts everywhere, and at throtl, we sell high-quality products to make sure the Miata is getting the respect it deserves.

Whether you're working on your first-ever project or going all-out on a performance build, we carry aftermarket parts for projects of any scale. When you shop at throtl, you can find replacement parts, such as light bulbs or engine filters, or you can get performance-enhancing extremes like a turbocharger or supercharger for you 2005-2015 Miata. We have all your bases covered.

Experience the high-quality of the Miata for yourself and start on a new project today!