Building a 2020 Toyota Supra - StreetHunter Complete Widebody Kit + Wing is HERE!


We are going to completely transform this 2020 Toyota Supra GR! In today's episode of throtl we begin installing a StreetHunter widebody kit and wing on our 2020 Supra. To start the process off, we lay out all of the parts of the body kit and get them mocked up on the car. After getting the body kit mocked up, the boys drill holes into the body and get the kit temporarily mounted with self-tapping screws. After getting the body kit mounted up, Rickie and Quinn make custom fender liners that are compatible with the StreetHunter body kit. These fender liners will help prevent any unwanted debris from getting deep into the wheel wells. 

Are you excited to see how the StreetHunter body kit will transform the Supra? Stay tuned for the next episode of throtl because we are going to have the entire body kit installed on the car!

Don't forget, we are giving away this Supra when it's complete! Every $1 spent on gets you 1 automatic entry to WIN!

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