Building a JDM 1991 Honda NSX - Part 3


Many of you may know from experience, owning a car that was built in the '90s can feel a little outdated. Today, we help bring our 1991 Honda NSX into the modern day and age with a few new parts. Rickie gets straight to work by installing a custom push-to-start button with a custom mount in the center console. After installing the new push-to-start system, Micky and Rickie install a new Pioneer Audio System into the NSX. The new speakers and head unit are a nice addition to the interior feel of the vehicle. 

Although we did upgrade the interior to be a bit more modern, we are going full 1990's on the exterior with our new set of wheels! We just picked up an original set of Mugen MF10 wheels (16inch for the front and 17inch for the rear). These wheels are like the holy grail for our NSX and we couldn't be more stoked on how they look on the car with a fresh set of Falken RT660s wrapped around them. Check them out for yourself in the video below!

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