Building a JDM 1991 Honda NSX - Part 6 | Coilovers, Radiator, & More

We are back to working on the Honda NSX! In today's episode of throtl we upgrade the cooling system and the suspension on our JDM Honda NSX. In order to upgrade the cooling system, we installed a Mishimoto radiator. The Mishimoto radiator will help keep our coolant temperatures down while simultaneously cleaning up the looks of the vehicle. When it came to upgrading the suspension, we went with a set of coilovers from KW Suspensions. The KW coilovers will allow for more stable suspension under harsh driving conditions, so if we wanted to hit the track or do some canyon runs, the car will be able to handle sharp turns at higher speeds. The coilovers from KW Suspension also allow us to adjust the ride height on the NSX so we can get that ideal wheel fitment and ride height. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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