Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Part 22 - Revving


Now that the Eclipse is back from SEMA 2021, we are ready to take the next steps on the build. Quinn starts off today's episode of throtl by removing the valve cover on the Eclipse and re-torquing the ARP head studs. It is common practice to re-torque ARP head studs after a few heat cycles of the engine. Doing so will ensure a properly seated head gasket and help prevent any problems in the future. After re-torquing the head studs, Quinn does a quick oil change to replace the break-in oil with some fresh engine oil.

Next, Evan brings the car outside to do a full walk-around, providing all the details of all the modifications we made to the Eclipse. After doing the walk around, Evan starts up the Eclipse and gives it some revs for you to hear! Check it out for yourself in the video below!

There is a lot of stuff done to the Eclipse, but we aren't done yet! Stay tuned for the next Eclipse videos because we still need to get it dyno-tuned and take it to the track.

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