Building a Modern Day (Fast & Furious) 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX - Setbacks


Time is running out for us to get our 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse Ready for SEMA 2021. In today's episode of throtl, Quinn and Rickie put in some serious labor hours to get our Eclipse one step closer to being on the road.

Quinn kicks off today's episode by installing the brake booster, clutch master cylinder, and clutch lines into the engine bay of the Eclipse. Rickie begins setting up the wiring for the battery, and audio system.  

The next day, Quinn continues to work on the rear suspension of the car. We have run into a few issues running air suspension on the Eclipse because the control arms and axles are hitting the rear subframe, preventing the car from being fully lowered to the ground. Rickie and Quinn work on making some modifications to the rear subframe and control arms to fix the issue. After making the modifications, the rear end of the car gets completely slammed when aired out. 

The following day, Rickie and Quinn install a manual steering rack on the GSX. AKA a power steering rack delete. This will delete the power steering pump, lines, and belt, which will clean up the engine bay. The manual rack will also make the car feel rawer while driving. To see the entire process of the manual rack conversion, check out the video below.

Next, Rickie continues working on our custom audio setup in the car. This was a very labor-intensive process that included a lot of attention to detail. We got a bunch of audio components going into the car, including some Kicker speakers, and a custom amplifier, and sub Box. Check out all the progress made in the video below.

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