Building a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse: Part 9

 1998 Green Eclipse GSX Tuner Car Headed to SEMA

Come See This Car in Meguiar’s Booth at SEMA

Now that the Mitsubishi Eclipse is back from BCC Unlimted with a fresh coat of paint, it's time for us to put in some major work.

If you haven't heard already, we are bringing this car to SEMA 2021 to be presented at the Meguiar's booth! SEMA 2021 is only a few weeks away, so we have to put in some serious hours on the car to get it ready for the show!

In today's episode of throtl, we get a heap of new and used parts for the Eclipse. Mickey made a stop by the local salvage yard to get some OEM interior parts to replace on our GSX. We were super lucky to find some parts at the salvage yard because most of these factory parts are no longer available. 

It's all hands on deck as the boys clean up the OEM parts and get them reinstalled on the GSX. Auto Glass Masters stop by to install a new rear windshield with a raw edge seal. It turned out great! Sit back, relax, and enjoy watching the boys clean up the GSX.





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