Building a Nissan R35 GTR : Installing Air Suspension and the DREAM Wheel & Tire Setup!!!!!


We got a bunch of new mods for Evan's R35 GT-R! We've been looking forward to modifying Evan's GT-R for a while now and today is finally the day. Evan starts off today's vlog by installing a new set of Falken RT660 tires and Work ZR10 wheels on the car. The new wheels and tires really improved the exterior style of the GT-R and we expect the Falken Tires to give the car a lot more traction compared to the old tires.

After installing the new wheels and tires, the boys get straight to work on installing the custom air suspension setup on the GT-R. The custom air suspension looks so good when it is completely aired out! The GT-R gets slammed.

After getting the new parts installed, we show you the complete transformation of the GT-R with sweet cinematic made by our media team. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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