Building a Rear Wheel Drive, Honda Civic Race Car- Reassembly Part 7


The FREK is nearing completion! In today's episode of throtl, we get the rear-wheel-drive K20 swapped Honda Civic ready for its first start!

The boys start off today's episode of throtl by installing a set of 1500cc fuel injectors and a new fuel rail from DeatschWerks. These were the final pieces to completing the fuel system in the car.

After getting the fuel system dialed in, Rickie finishes up the rear suspension components by installing a set of OEM brake calipers, Club Racing brake pads, and some EBC brake rotors. We decided to leave the OE calipers the factory color because they matched the color of the front Wilwood brakes perfectly. Since the rear brakes are installed on the car, we are now able to put all 4 wheels on and get it back on the ground.

One of the final tasks for getting the FREK ready to start is getting the electrical system squared away. We had a bunch of electrical components from Rywire on hand, so we were able to set up all of the main electrical systems for the car. 

Rickie installed a custom power breaker to replace the factory fuse system in the car. The power breaker will prevent too much power from going to one electrical area and will act as a safety device if any wires cross over each other.

Next, Rickie made a custom cable to bridge the alternator to the starter and another cable from the starter to the distributor switch. Finally, Rickie made a ground cable to connect the battery to the distributor.

Overall, the car is one step further to its first startup! We will be cranking her over in a short period of time. In the meantime, check out the video below to see all the progress that was made on the FREK Honda Civic.

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