Building a Rear Wheel Drive, K20 Turbocharged Honda Civic EK Hatchback Race Car!! Part 12


Now that the Civic is finally up and running, we need to do some modifications to make sure it can drive safely. Mickey and Rickie start off today's episode of throtl by getting some custom brake lines installed on the car. Crown Performance made the perfect brake lines for our project, making the install quick and easy. 

While Mickey and Rickie installed the brake lines, Quinn did a bolt check on the Civic's suspension. This was an important step to take to ensure that all the suspension components are torqued down, allowing us to safely drive the car. 

The FREK is finally able to roll and stop on its own! The next thing to do is complete the exhaust system. Unfortunately, most of our main exhaust systems are stuck at the port and won't arrive at the shop for a while. However, we want to get the car on the dyno ASAP, so Mickey and the boys installed a temporary exhaust system on the car. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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