Building a Rear Wheel Drive, K20 Turbocharged Honda Civic - First Start!


The FREK is alive! In today's episode of throtl we start the K20 turbocharged engine for the first time in the rear-wheel-drive swapped EK Civic!

First, Ryan from Rywire came by the shop to help us go through the entire wiring harness of the car to make sure the first start goes smoothly. After Ryan worked his magic, the electrical system was set and ready to go.

Next, the boys fill the engine with oil and crank the engine with no fuel or spark. This allowed the engine build oil pressure and avoid spinning any bearings. After cranking the car a few times, we had to add multiple quarts of oil because the engine was so dry. The car finally built up oil pressure and was holding enough oil to safely start.

Finally, the boys installed the spark plugs and poured some Sunoco Race Fuel in the Civic's fuel tank. The car was finally ready for its first start! We quickly got Louie from DNA Garage on team viewer to set some parameters on the Haltech ECU. Everyone gathered around the Engine swapped EK hatch and worked to get the car started for the first time. After quickly fixing a fuel leak and turning on the ECU, the car cranked over immediately!

Everyone was super stoked to see the car start for the first time in 2-years! Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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