Building and Heavily Modifying a 1989 Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T - Part 2 - Pandem Widebody Kit is ON!


We got a Pandem widebody kit and a bunch of exterior accessories for the R32 GTS-T! 

Rickie starts off today's video by cutting the OEM hood latch and re-positioning it. This allowed us to properly mount the throtl performance carbon fiber GT-R hood on the GTS-T.

After getting the hood installed, Mickey drilled holes into the GTS-T's trunk and temporarily mounted the Pandem wing. While Mickey worked on the wing, Quinn was working on getting the widebody kit mounted up. The toughest part was aligning the over fender on the driver-side quarter panel. Mounting this over fender took slightly more coordination than usual because the GT-R over fenders do not fit the exact mold of the GTS-T's body lines. To allow the fender to fit properly, we decided to extend the factory gas tube and order a Sparco gas door. Quinn removed the factory gas tube and fabricated an extended gas tube to reach our Sparco fuel door on the extended over fenders.

After working on the fuel filler neck and mocking up the over fenders, the boys installed some temporary screws to mount the body kit in place. Next, the boys replace the tiny OEM intercooler with an aftermarket intercooler from ISR Performance. Check it out in the video below!

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