Building and Heavily Modifying a BMW 335i - Part 4


In today's episode of throtl, we install some major upgrades in the engine bay of our BMW 335i. The BMW 335i is well overdue for some upgrades in the engine bay. Today, Rickie and Mickey begin the episode by preparing the 335i for installation of its new turbos, turbo manifolds, intercooler, and intakes. The engine of the 335i is going to be completely refreshed after this one. 

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After doing some work on the 335i, we take you to the Nissan headquarters in San Diego to show you the brand new Nissan 400ZX. The new Nissan Z is not going into production any time soon, but Nissan has made it extremely clear that they have not forgotten about their Z enthusiasts and another Z series car is on the horizon. 

Check it all out in the video below!

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