Building & Heavily Modifying a 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO GSR - Part 5: Front Mount Intercooler!


Mishimoto makes some of the best cooling products on the market. We use Mishimoto products on almost all of our builds. In today's episode of throtl we install some Mishimoto cooling products on our 2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR.

Quinn kicks off today's episode of throtl by installing two Mishimoto oil coolers in a v-mount bracket. After getting the bracket set up, quinn mounts the oil coolers and routes the oil lines in the Evo. 

After getting the oil coolers installed, Quinn begins the installation of the Mishimoto front mount intercooler. The Mishimoto intercooler kit is built so well, it makes the installation process quick and easy. Check out the video below to see how fast Quinn got the intercooler installed in the Evo.

After getting the intercooler installed, it was almost time to start the Evo. There was just one final important step. Since we installed a fresh oil cooler and oil cooler lines, it was important to remember to build oil pressure. Quinn built oil pressure in the Evo by unplugging the fuel injectors and giving the engine a few cranks. This allows the oil pump to fill the oil coolers without the engine running. After priming the oil pressure, Quinn plugs in the fuel injectors, starts the car, and checks for leaks. With no leaks to be seen, the installation was complete.

If you are considering installing an oil cooler or a front mount intercooler on your ride, check out the video below for some ideas on the installation process.

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