Building the World's FIRST Tesla Swapped Liberty Walk Nissan 350Z! Part 3


The work continues on the Tesla swapped Nissan 350z! In today's episode of throtl, Will makes more progress on the vehicle's cooling system, mounts a maintenance switch, and goes over some of the tools used in the process.

Cooling Lines

Since this build is completely custom, we are left with no other option but to make a custom cooling system. Evan and Will start off the episode by fabricating some coolant pipes. Since the pipes are small, Will had to help hold some small metal pieces while Evan made the welds. After welding up the pipes, the boys hook them up to a hose to see if they will leak when water pressure is applied. Everything turned out good and the boys are ready to move on to the next step of the cooling system.

Maintenance Switch

After making some coolant pipes, Will and Mickey work on installing a maintenance switch into the vehicle. The maintenance switch will allow us to cut off the power from the high voltage system, thus preventing anyone from getting 1,000 volts through their body if they need to work on the car. Since this is a safety component that we want easy access to, we wanted to install the switch inside the car. Will and Mickey worked together to make a custom mount for the maintenance switch. They were able to fit the switch into the center console while also keeping the cup holders functional.

Tools and Parts

After getting the maintenance switch installed, Will goes over some of the tools and parts used for today's installs. The tools consisted of wire strippers, cell tap connectors, hose cutters, and various sizes and styles of crimps. All of our wires are dressed up with expandable sleeve loom. We used orange loom to identify anything over 48volts and black loom for anything with a lower voltage. We also used a label maker to label wires. Labling the wires makes it easier to track things down because there are a lot of wires in this vehicle.

Check out the video below to see everything involved in today's episode of throtl.

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