BUYING another "new" JDM Project Car?! (+Update on Cappuccino & Civic eg)

We recently decided that we wanted to make some changes to some of the body parts on our Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. After making the decision to have some changes made, Mickey and Quinn head up to BCC Unlimted to drop off some parts.

While Mickey and Quinn were up in the LA area, they headed to Top Rank Importers to drop off Mickey's Suzuki Cappuccino that is up for sale. During their time at Top Rank Imports, Mickey and Quinn took a tour of the shop to see their entire selection of JDM vehicles. Top Rank Imports had so many insane JDM legends including Mazda RX-7's, Nissan GT-Rs, Honda Civic Type-R's and much more!

Check out the video below to see how awesome the Top-Rank experience is!

Check out Top Rank's Website here:

After spending some time at Top Rank, Mickey and Quinn head back to San Diego to get Mickey's EG Civic ready for its new owner. It's a bitter-sweet day for Mickey, saying goodbye to two of his dream cars. However, this will give him the much-needed room to move on to some other projects.

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