By Mickey@throtl on 2016-12-16

Add 35hp to your car today!!!

No... Not really, but it sure does look fast!

While helping our friend and YouTube vlogger Danny Courtney out with his overheating problem, we decided to take some time to refresh the engine bay by painting the valve cover on his first gen Mazda MX-5 Miata!

Prep is key. Ensure your valve cover is clean and free of debris/grease & oil. Use brake cleaner, steel wool and various rags to make sure its ready for paint.

Use a high temp primer in light coats. In this case, we did 3 coats to ensure coverage.

After the primer dries (30-60 minutes), apply a VERY light coat of the orange paint. Wait 10 minutes and apply a slightly heavier coat. Then continue with coats every 15 minutes until the finish looks glossy!

After painting, wait 3-4 hours (minimum) to ensure the paint is dry!

Products used:
High Temperature Primer
- Gloss Orange Paint (equivalent)

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