CHECK IT: Ken Block Is About To Wreck The Internet - AGAIN.

GYMKHANA 10 - This Is Gonna Be Good

"There is no one alive that has ever done what he has done. And, there never will be." - Rob Dyrdek

A bold statement from a bold dude. But, we tend to agree. Once the creator and drive behind the Droors Clothing brand (aka DC Shoes), Ken Block is at it again for 2018. His Gymkhana brand has become wildly popular on the back of his specialty events and viral driving videos. Now that his newest venture HOONIGAN has bloomed into a full fledged "Media Machine" instead of just an apparel/trinket brand they seem to have really found their stride. 

Hoonigan and "KB" recently announced that they have signed Amazon as their media partner in releasing a ten part series that will document the filming processes and life on the road that goes into the epic yearly gymkhana releases. Judging by the newest trailer (see: TEASER) it appears that they are utilizing at minimum five cars and traversing the globe to take advantage of some badass terrain.

We are super pumped to see the series and the final edit. Certainly they will be teasing this as filming continues through the new year and we look forward to the final roll-out of the video. Ken's team led by Brian Scotto (C16 Magazine Fame) is second to none and if anyone knows how to hype up and drop a banger it's these boys!

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