Deep Cleaning our Friend's EXTREMELY Dirty & Neglected Subaru BRZ! | Insane Detailing Transformation


Calvin is one of our close friends around the throtl headquarters, however, we always give him a hard time for how dirty his car is. Calvin hasn't cleaned his car once in the last 8-12 months!

In today's episode of throtl, we take Calvin's car and give it the ultimate detailing treatment! The exterior had dirt baked on it, foggy headlights, and tons of brake dust, while the interior was crusty, loaded with crumbs, and was missing pieces. There was lots of work to get done in order to bring Calvin's BRZ back to life.

After Doing a quick overview of all the detailing products we used on Calvin's car, Rickie begins the detailing process. Rickie starts off by washing the exterior of the vehicle with a power washer. The power washer really helped remove most of the dirt that was baked onto the wrap. Then, Rickie goes around the entire car with some soap a sponge, and a brush. This step alone made a massive improvement in the looks of Calvin's car.

Next, Rickie moved onto the interior of the vehicle. He started by removing all the visible trash and vacuuming all the leftover crumbs. Rickie also removed the front seats which allowed him to clean more surface area of the carpet. Next, he used a small brush and detailing fluid to scrub all the nooks and crannies of the dash. Then, Rickie wiped down the steering wheel, door panels, door jams, and center console. Detailing the interior of your car makes a massive improvement in the feel of the vehicle because those are the components that the driver interacts with most of the time. 

The next thing Rickie did was a simple headlight restoration. By quickly sanding and polishing the headlights, they were restored to a new condition. Headlight restorations are generally quick and easy and they make a massive improvement to the exterior style of a vehicle. Finally, Rickie installed a new throtl shift knob and the missing interior pieces to complete the install.

The next day, we bring Calvin to the new shop to reveal his fully transformed Subaru BRZ. He was so shocked to see his car in a clean condition for the first time in 8-12 months. His reaction was priceless! Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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