Fixing the Subaru's Biggest Problem!


In our opinion, the Subaru's weakest link right now is its current sound system. So, we decided to fix that by installing a complete audio system from OEM Audio Plus. The audio system we installed includes 2 custom subwoofers, 4 speakers, an amplifier, and all the wiring for a direct plug and play fitment. 

We believe that a good audio system is one of the most important mods you can make to your car. Especially if it is your daily driver. An aftermarket audio system is such an important mod for your daily driver because it will make your daily commute way more enjoyable when you are able to listen to your favorite music with quality audio output. 

After installing the new audio system in the WRX STI, Rickie and Mickey put it to the test and they couldn't be more stoked on the results. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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