Girls Reveal The Sexiest Cars And The Guys That Drive Them

It’s no surprise that having a “cool” car will increase your ability to attract a mate. Pull up in a classic 69’ Camaro, a modern luxury sedan or an ultra sporty Lamborghini Huracan, you are sure to attract a wide array of the opposite sex. That said, everyone has there own preferences of what they think is attractive. So we went out and asked a few women what they look for in an ideal mates vehicle before they choose to take the next step.

Here’s what we found out:

“I don’t care about what type of car a guy drives as long as it’s well taken care of. It doesn’t have to be a brand new sports car or something expensive. If he keeps a clean car he is likely a very tidy person in other areas of his life. There’s also a good chance he cares about his possessions and isn’t afraid to spend the time and money it takes to properly maintain his vehicle. It’s also comforting knowing the car is likely reliable and we won’t get stranded somewhere.”

-        Ellen S.

“     Lifted trucks are my weakness. Not those shiny ones you see on the freeway with the huge chrome or black wheels and small tires. I’m talking about the dirty lifted trucks that get used in the mud. The dirtier the better! I just find that the guys who drive those types of trucks are trustworthy and don’t mind getting messy having fun!”

-        Mary M.

     I think exotic cars are sexy. I mean just look at them! When a guy pulls up in his Lamborghini or Ferrari sports car I make sure he takes notice of me. I’m a sucker for the looks and sound of them and usually the guys are just as hot. And, if they can afford that type of car they can probably afford my shopping habits. LOL.”

-        Sanjay V.

      I dig restored muscle cars and the guys that drive them. The looks from the 60’s and 70’s really   appeal to me and the men that drive them are usually very manly.”

-        Emily T.

     So, there ya have it, four very different responses from some cool chicks. The answers are very diverse. Everyone has their own ideals and likes so we weren’t to surprised at how different the responses ended up being.

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