Heavily Modifying a Ford Mustang GT: Part 5: Subwoofer Install + NEW Fenders!


We got some more parts for the Ford Mustang GT! In today's episode of throtl, Mickey installs a subwoofer from OEM Audio+ in the trunk of his Mustang. The subwoofer from OEM Audio+ is not only a high-quality piece of equipment that puts out good audio, but it is also very convenient because it fits perfectly into the trunk of the Mustang. The sleek design of the subwoofer keeps the trunk space open, allowing room for all your storage needs. 

Check out OEM Audio+ HERE: https://oemaudioplus.com/

After installing the subwoofer from OEM Audio+, Mickey proceeds to install an air-oil separator on the Mustang. The air-oil separator is beneficial because it will catch any oil or oil vapors from entering the crankcase that could cause a loss in horsepower. After installing the Ford Performance air-oil separator, Mickey gives a sneak of some new parts that will be going on the Mustang in a future video. Check it out for yourself in the video below! 

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