How To Restore and Flock a Cracked Dashboard

Is your dash in need of a complete restore? Here are some of the steps to take when restoring and flocking your dash:
  • If there are any cracks in the dash you will want to cut away the material in a "V" shape. Doing so will allow any filler to make a smooth surface. 
  • Sand down the entire dashboard 
  • Wipe down the surface with acetone
  • Fill the cracks with Fiber glass resin Jelly. (We used the Bondo kit)
  • Let Bondo sit for at least 20 hours
  • Use an orbital sander and sand until the surface is completely smooth
  • Wipe off the surface
  • Apply flock adhesive 
  • Apply flocking material
  • Gently blow off leftover material with air
If you want to restore cracks in your dash, use Bondo fiber glass resin jelly found HERE
If you want to Flock your dash, use the Flock it kit found HERE

For a more detailed description, Mickey and Rickie made a video on the entire process. Check out what they did to completely restore this 240sx Dashboard!

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