How to Widebody a car! (BMW E92)

In today's episode of throtl, we show you how to widebody a car! Mickey and Rickie walk you through how they installed the Streetfighter LA widebody kit on our BMW E93 335i. Here is a quick description of the process!

Step 1: Use painters tape to protect the paint on the car where you plan on cutting.
Step 2: Mark where you are going to cut out the body to replace it with the new fenders.
Step 3: Cut out the OEM fender.
Step 4: Mockup the fenders and drill some small holes where you plan on mounting.
Step 5: Mockup your new and extended wheel well with cardboard and tape.
Step 6: Using 18guage steel, create your wheel wells from the cardboard templates and weld them into the car.
Step 7: Seam seal and paint your new wheel wells to prevent rust
Step 8: Install your new widebody fenders. 

Definitely check out the video below for the fully detailed process on how you can widebody your car.

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