K20 Honda Civic Hatchback is LEAVING the SHOP for it's NEW PAINT JOB!


The FREK build is back! This project has been on the back burner and has been the after-hours project car of the shop, but it's finally back. In today's episode of throtl, we do some work to the rear-wheel-drive Civic build before we send it off to go get its new paint job. 

The guys start the day out by swapping out the Civic differential for a differential and axles from a Honda S2000. This is to make sure that the diff and axles will be able to handle the extra horsepower from our K20 engine. Next, the boys work on getting the cooling system squared away so that the FREK will operate a peak temperatures with no issue. Finally, the boys throw on all the exterior parts and get the car in the trailer so that it can be sent off for its new paint job. Check it out for yourself in the video below! 

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