Pick A Car For $20k on throtl - Go Ahead!

Here's a little game we like to play at throtl HQ and we figured we would extend it to our awesome throtl user base. You have $20k to spend on a used modified car and it has to be found on throtl.com. We narrowed down the choices to five fitting vehicles for this competition to make it simpler to track. *Click the hyperlink below each photo for the details on each car.

Acura RSX

Subaru WRX

Lexus IS250

Nissan 300ZX

Honda CR-Z

The throtl team's selections are diverse as you will see below:

Evan: My pick is for the 300ZX with the LS swap. I've always loved the 300ZX styling, and with the authentic TE37's, upgraded suspension, and the american muscle powerplant, $17K seems like a solid deal. It's also pretty uncommon to see a 300zx in good condition these days, let alone the black on black combo. You can tell by the pictures/description that the car is hardly driven and looking for a new owner!

Rick: I would pick the rsx because I used to have an RSX Type S.  I love the naturally aspirated ITB set-up K20 motor.  Overall, that thing would be a blast to drive!

Mickey: I chose the Honda CR-Z. I drive a lot and have various modded cars so this one fills a need for me. A car that gets great mileage, can be driven everyday and looks cool! It's modern looking and unique. I DIG!

Check out our latest video containing info on all of these whips. Please leave us a comment there with which one you'd choose! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vc-785GTBk

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