Rear Wheel Drive, K20 Turbocharged Honda Civic EK Hatchback - Reassembly Part 3


The FREK is coming together! In today's episode of throtl, the cooling system on the K20 swapped Honda Civic gets a complete overhaul. Mickey starts off the video by working on a custom oil cooler setup. The goal is to make sure every cooling system gets the most amount of airflow possible. In order to make sure the oil cooler gets proper airflow, Mickey shows you how he modified the front bumper to make a special opening for the oil cooler.

After installing the oil cooler, the boys get to work on installing a V-mount intercooler and radiator. A V-mount setup is slightly more complicated, however it offers a heap of extra benefits. By separating the radiator from the intercooler, they won't be sharing as much air space with each other. This will result in the intercooler and radiator getting cooler airflow. Cooler air to the intercooler will allow for an increase in horsepower and cooler air going through the radiator will help keep engine temperatures low. 

Check out the video below to see how the boys fabricated an insane cooling system on the FREK.

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