Revealing our newest JDM Project Car...that we secretly bought months ago!


Some of you may remember when Mickey and Rickie went to Top Rank Importers last June. When they went to Top Rank, they were able to test drive a few different cars. Months later, we are now revealing that we ended up purchasing a Nissan R32 GTST! It is a rear-wheel-drive model with an RB-20 engine.

When Rickie and Mickey made the purchase, they didn't tell anyone at the shop. So when they pulled up to the shop in the new car, everyone was surprised!

After getting the R32 back to the shop, Mickey does a full walk-around of the car and points out all of the differences between the R32 GTST and the R32 GT-R.

We are super excited to start the build and completely transform this car! Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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