Serving Ice Cream to HOLLYWOOD STARS! [Officially on a TV SHOW!]

It's a big day for the throtl ice cream truck! In today's episode of throtl, we begin by giving the ice cream truck some much-needed love. Most of the suspension and other mechanical parts have been neglected on our van, but with the help from Advance Auto Parts, and RB Automotive, the ice cream truck feels brand new. The guys over at RB Automotive install a new radiator, belts, brake parts, and other suspension parts from Moog. 

After getting the van back from RB Automotive, Evan proceeds to clean the wheel wells and prepare them for a few coats of Herculiner. The Herculiner will not only keep the ice cream truck looking good, but it will help prevent the spread of any rust within the wheel wells. 

Next, the boys install a new freezer in the truck and fill it up with various forms of ice cream. After, the guys install the new merch rack and load it up with merch. The ice cream truck build is nearing completion and we couldn't be more stoked about the final results!

After getting the van all set up, we were fortunate to serve ice cream to Hollywood stars from it. Today's episode of throtl is very exciting so don't forget to check it out below!


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