Subaru WRX STI Hits the Dyno!

In today's episode of throtl, we bring our 2018 Subaru WRX STI to Delicious Tuning to get dyno tuned. We've been building this car up to run E85 fuel for the extra performance. Before tuning the car with our E85 from Sunoco Race Fuels, we had the team at Delicious Tuning install a new set of 1200cc fuel injectors from Fuel Injector Clinic that are rated for E85 and the increased flow of fuel. After the boys at Delicious Tuning install the new injectors, they hook the WRX STI up to the dyno and get some pulls in. 

The car ended up making about 330 HP and 390 ft-lb of torque, which was exactly what we were aiming for. We set the car up perfectly for the new owner so that they would have a fun and reliable car with room for improvement if wanted. Check it out for yourself in the video below!

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