Surprising our EMPLOYEE with his DREAM CAR BUILD!


Some of you may remember when we surprised Shawn by rebuilding his Chevy truck. Today, we surprise our video editor Victor, by doing a full restore on his BMW E30. He was so stoked to find out that we were going to rebuild his BMW E30. His reaction was priceless! After letting Vic know of his new treat, the boys get straight to work on fixing up the car. 

Victor's car was in need of lots of TLC. In order to bring his car back to life, the interior needs to be cleaned up, the engine and suspension need some routine maintenance, and the exterior needs a complete makeover. We restored Victor's car by replacing some factory parts to maintain reliability and installing some aftermarket parts to enhance performance and looks. We couldn't be more stoked on how the final product turned out! Victor is so happy with his restored car and we can't thank Victor enough for what he does for us at throtl. 

Check out the video below to see how we transformed Victor's BMW E30!

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