The EV Swapped Cars & Trucks of SEMA 2021 that you should see!


It seems like electric vehicles are becoming more popular because there were a bunch of EV's at the 2021 SEMA Show. In today's episode of throtl, Mickey and Will walk around the entire show floor in search of all the electric-powered vehicles that made it to SEMA 2021.

All of the EV builds at the show were extremely unique. Looks like a lot of time was put into the swaps. People were swapping eclectic motors into many different years, makes, and models of vehicles. It was super rad seeing more electric builds being displayed at this year's SEMA Show. Check them out for yourself in the video below!

Seeing all the builds at SEMA made Will super excited to get back to work on our Tesla 350z project. Stay tuned for the next Tesla Z video because there is still much work to get done. 

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