The REAL throtl story

Why came to be.

I was searching for a 1970-71 Porsche 911 transmission and I specifically wanted the 70-71 because it retained the same shift pattern for my early 911 project. I knew it’d probably be a little hard to find an actual 70-71 in good shape, but I had no idea how hard it’d end up being. Man...........

I looked everywhere for it. I checked all the usual suspects: eBay’s listings were overpriced, Craigslist only showed results in my area (which means zero matches), and my typical parts forum pulled up nothing.

This is when the "ah ha!" moment hit me. What if auto enthusiasts had a one-stop-shop for all their buying and selling needs? Imagine the effort this would save...Imagine going to one place (instead of 20), and finding that 71 911 transmission!

And this thought, along with countless 16 hour work days (7 days a week), an extremely talented team and many feedback sessions from other enthusiasts, was the birth throtl.

And man, am I glad we did it.

I use throtl on a daily basis to support my out of control air-cooled Porsche hobby. I can't even tell you how many hours it's saved me. I'm not just saying this because I'm a Co-Founder of throtl, but because I believe every auto enthusiast will benefit from the buying and selling tools we offer.

So if you’re out there searching for a part for your car, or are simply fed up with high fees, untrustworthy sellers, or wasted time with current marketplace solutions, I suggest heading to throtl. You'll be glad you did.

Co Founder
Rick Beckerman

Happy hunting!

Co-Founder and CEO

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