The Tesla 350z and FREK Builds are Back!


As many of you know, our two biggest projects have been our Tesla 350z and our all-wheel-drive EK Honda Civic. In today's episode of throtl we get back to work on both of these cars along with another major announcement!

We are starting our own line of car parts! In fact, we already started selling some. The throtl team has teamed up with GReddy Performance to make a new line of exhaust systems. We are going to be releasing a series of custom exhaust systems for a variety of vehicles. Last week, we started launching our new products with the release of our GReddy x throtl catback exhaust for the Subaru WRX, and it sold out instantly! Stay tuned for the next release of throtl exhaust systems because your car could be next!

Check out the GReddy x throtl exhaust system HERE

When it comes to our Tesla 350z project, we have realized that it takes a lot of work going back and forth to make sure the project is done properly. Today, we picked the Tesla 350z up from Stealth EV and brought it back to the shop because we need to do some fabricating before we can move on to the next step. While we do have our battery boxes and other parts in place, we have to remove a few things to fabricate some channels so we can route the wiring through the vehicle. Once we are done fabricating, we can return the vehicle to Stealth EV where they can help us finish installing the batteries and wiring. Although it is a long process, when it comes to electric motor swapping a vehicle, it is important to take your time and make sure everything is done properly. 

When it comes to the FREK Honda Civic build, we do have a quick update for you. We had some issues ordering parts, however, we found a new parts dealer for the project and we should be getting back to work on it soon. In today's episode, Rickie begins to prep the interior of the Civic for its new paint job. Before painting the interior, there are a few areas that need to be welded, patched, or simply cleaned up. This is vital prep work before we can move on to applying a fresh coat of paint to the interior. Check it out in the video below!

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