Turning a $500 Trailer into a $5,000 Trailer! (COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION)


Do you have an old trailer that is in need of restoration? We've got you covered! In today's episode of throtl, we walk you through the entire process of restoring a trailer. Rickie has owned his trailer for many years and it has treated him well. However, it is in very rough shape and is in need of some TLC.

Rickie begins today's episode of throtl by showing all the things that are wrong with his trailer. After doing the walk-around, the boys get straight to work on the restoration process. The boys start off the restoration process by stripping all of the old wood and screws off from the trailer. After removing all of the wood, the boys use wire wheels to get most of the rust off of the main chassis. The next step is to replace any old pieces of the frame with some new Metal beams. After all the metalwork is done, Rickie and Anthony put bed liner on the trailer to protect it from getting exposed to rust. 

After the main chassis is restored, the finals steps are to install Diamond plates on the chassis so the trailer has a smooth surface for cars to sit on. After this step, the majority of the trailer is completed, however, Keeper Products sent us a bunch of extra accessories for us to install on the trailer. Special thanks to Keeper Products, we were able to install a winch on the trailer with a custom wiring kit. 

After the trailer is complete, the boys test it out by putting Victor's BMW E30 on it and show some footage of it rolling down the street. The transformation of this $500 trailer was truly fantastic and we couldn't be more stoked on the results. Check out the complete transformation and restoration process in the video below!

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