Everyone has been asking about all the modifications we've made to our Mitsubishi VR-4 project car. Due to all the requests, we decided to make this page for the ultimate reference guide to the entire VR-4 build. 
Look at that paint! little did this car know, it was about to get lots of love
This was the state of our 1995 Mitsubishi 3000GT when we first purchased the car. The suspension was old, the paint was completely thrashed, and the car was overdue for a complete maintenance overhaul. We bought the car with the intentions of completely reviving it and making it perform better than ever. 
We wanted to ensure this car had good "bones" to kick off a project, so we checked the engine health by doing a compression check. Things checked out great! The car was a great starting point to a throtl build. 
Mechanically, we gave the the engine a refresh with a massive maintenance job (timing belt, water pump, tensioners, etc...) While we had the engine out, we upgraded the turbo's, fuel injectors, and intercooler piping. We also took the time to clean up and paint other parts like the valve cover and intake manifold. 
Aesthetically, we gave the car a fresh paint job, tinted windows, and replaced the old interior pieces. For modifications we lowered the car on Megan coilovers, put on some Advan wheels, and gave it a full Tanabe exhaust.
The car has come a long way and we are vey excited to get it past 400 wheel horsepower! Check out the mod list attached below for all the modifications and videos made on the car. To see what's next for the VR-4, make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel for the latest content. If you want to watch the whole build process check out the playlist we made HERE. It will keep you occupied for hours. 

We are super thankful to be working on this car and even more excited to give it away to one of our throtl VIP members. If you want to win the throtl Vader VR-4 or other builds like it join throtl VIP HERE

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